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At Willamette Pain and Spine, our entire purpose is to help you cope with destructive, chronic pain. However, while our treatments will help you get on track and significantly reduce the pain you are experiencing, there are multiple at-home methods of pain relief that can bring you significant comfort. Consider the following options for at-home soothing:

Get Familiar with Trigger Points

Any massage therapist worth their salt will tell you that a little trigger point therapy goes a long, long way. Search online, look for a book, or ask your trusted massage expert about the point her or she recommends for your use, depending on your individual needs. Once you know where to press, you can you your hand, a tennis ball, or even direct a partner to stimulate these areas.

Combine a Tennis Ball and a Hot Bath

Self-massage is an excellent way to incorporate a little healing into your day. Run a hot bath, which helps to relax your muscles, and place a tennis ball between your body and the back or bottom of your tub. The buoyancy of the bath helps you to float and control the pressure of the ball on your trigger points. The hot water combined with the pressure of the tennis ball = perfection.

Learn Microbreaking

This strategy involves taking brief breaks from whatever you are doing and moving in order to prevent the disastrous effects of sitting still for too long. This is an excellent way to help prevent trigger points from developing, excellent information for those working in offices, taking classes, or just sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Keep in mind that actual microbreaking does not provide enough stimulation for your back muscles, stiff and cramping from hours of stillness. Joint mobility drills, sometimes called mobilizations, can help you get moving in pain-reducing-and-preventing ways.


It may sound New Age, but using a few drops of essential oils in your bath or in a diffuser can transform your mind, and thus, your body. Pain creates a pervasive negative experience, so using essential oils to combat this can promote the opposite – positivity. A few excellent choices for pain relief include chamomile, sweet marjoram, lavendar, peppermint, and eucalyptus.
Still in unrelenting pain? Make an appointment with our skilled and compassionate team. Whether you are a returning client or new to our services, there’s a treatment for every issue at Willamette Pain and Spine.

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