Medical Consultations with Our Experienced and Compassionate Staff

When you’re researching a medical care team to help reduce your chronic pain, you’re looking for physicians who will consider every aspect of your prior treatment history, as well as current symptoms, when crafting your specialized treatment plan.

Our team offers medical consultations with our specialists to ensure that you can fully discuss your symptoms and obtain feedback as we craft your customized treatment plan. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality support, making sure that you are 100% informed about our process.

By spending 30-50 minutes discussing your medical needs and our services with one of our skilled physicians, you will leave with a full understanding of every step in your individual pain reduction process.

Consultation Steps

Our first step is to discuss your medical history and symptoms one-on-one so we can better understand the type and origin of pain you are experiencing. By sharing how long you have dealt with these symptoms, associated medical conditions, and family history, we can begin to determine the source of your pain.

Next, your physician will discuss our therapies with you and determine, based on your condition, which would best reduce your discomfort. Our goal is to fully-integrate our services to treat the whole YOU, for increased wellness and decreased pain and stress.

What You Can Expect from a Consultation

Consultations at Willamette Pain and Spine Center are designed to address any concerns you have so you can feel comfortable when treatment begins. You can expect:

  • Explanations to your pain concerns
  • Multiple solutions to difficult problems
  • A new awareness of the wide variety of physical issues that can cause pain.
  • Feelings of hope and relief

If you are struggling with chronic pain and unsure where to turn, contact Willamette Pain and Spine Center today. Our highly-trained team is ready to help reduce your pain so you can enjoy your life again.