Diagnostic Procedures for Pain

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Diagnostic Procedures Uncover the Source of Your Pain

At Willamette Pain and Spine, we understand that uncovering the source of your suffering is essential to reducing your discomfort. Because the body’s neurological system is both delicate and complex, pain in one area of the body may originate in a completely different place. Diagnostic procedures help us to discover the type and location of physical issues so we can provide the most effective treatment possible.

Our diagnostic procedures function in two ways. We utilize them to uncover the exact source of your pain, so we can take the proper steps to minimize it. In addition, many of our tests are forms of treatment in and of themselves, or segue into further treatments once we have located the origin of your discomfort.

At Willamette Pain and Spine, we offer the following, state-of-the-art treatments to help make your life more comfortable:

At Willamette Pain and Spine, our first priority is to determine the source of your pain so we can maximize the efficacy of your treatment. If you are struggling with chronic pain but are unsure of the source, contact us today. We will do everything we can to discover the root of your discomfort.