Pain Related Conditions We Treat

Learn what Willamette Pain and Spine is all about.

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Reducing Pain So You Can Live Fully

Pain is not a one-note sensation. Human beings may experience many types of pain, at different times or all at once, caused or worsened by genetics, accidents, habits, and even stress.

At Willamette Pain and Spine, pain reduction is our mission. We pursue every intervention and therapy available so you can regain as much functional ability as possible and embrace life with renewed hope. We treat a wide variety of pain-related conditions, including:

At Willamette Pain and Spine, we believe that no one should have to live with chronic, persistent, and intractable pain. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to help you manage your severe pain, including coordinating services with your other physicians and incorporating a wide variety of treatments into our multidisciplinary approach. We’re here to help![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]